3D printing with various materials

Dear Visitor, welcome on my blog! It is the first post on this new blog of mine, it will be about my newest 3D printing experiences and experiments with new materials. Technically, we could 3D print with an material which melts and can be extruded through a nozzle. I mean, just think about sugar. Or chocolate. Or a dozen of other usual stuff. Cheese for an example.


The fused deposition modeling – which is applied in the common desktop 3D printers for home and office use – allows you to 3D print with wood or flexible and bio-degradable materials as well. I know, the big companies only offer the standard ABS and PLA filaments for 3D printing, but if you are a real hacker und want to push the boundaries of your desktop 3D printer, you can get some really special stuff from Europe.


Have you ever pictured yourself to 3D print with wood? Yes, it is real wood! Technically it is like liquid wood used in building industry but finer. It is a very smooth birch saw dust which is bonded with plastic polymers and is extruded to a filament. You can feed your extruder with this filament, hack the default setting of your 3D printer and 3D print some really weird wooden geometries!

Just check out the photos I’ve attached, these forms and shapes couldn’t have been produced with traditional wood milling techniques. And these 3D printed wooden objects act like natural wood, you can paint, screw, glue, sand ‘em, by the way the texture finish of the 3D printed surface doesn’t need any cleaning of stuff like that, it looks just beautiful.


So, that’s all for today, check back soon for some new 3D print stories from my kitchen;)